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Yanina & Co. welcomes you to explore our unmatched collection of exceptionally beautiful fine custom-made jewelry, the very pinnacle of style, quality and design. Since 1987, our clients have learned to expect nothing less than the most impeccable service from our jewelry experts, renowned for their trend sense and meticulous attention to detail. Yanina & Co.’s Founder and President, Yanina Fleysher had a humble beginning when starting the company at age 19 along with her mother, Claudia. After vastly growing the business, she moved into our Cedar Grove location and gained a business partner in her brother Alex.

Through the years, Yanina & Co. has become known for our jewelry redesign services. Our seasoned designers enjoy creating new custom pieces using a client’s outdated jewelry. We are proud to be one of the first jewelers in New Jersey to offer on premise CAD design services to create custom jewelry. Our CAD system has become a valuable tool to recreating jewelry for our clients and allowing them to view the creation process each step of the way. Our successful past has fueled our desire to provide clients with the finest level of jewelry craftsmanship accompanied by our personalized service and expertise.

Visit one of our luxuriously appointed showrooms and discover for yourself all that Yanina & Co. has to offer.


Meet The Team


Yanina Fleysher 


Yanina began her business in 1987 as a custom jeweler with a sophisticated flair for design. She came from humble beginnings starting her company at 19. Yanina and her family created a successful business by providing exceptional customer service and fine jewelry design. As a result she has created a loyal following throughout the United States. There are no words that adequately describe their profound craftsmanship. “It’s all a matter of asking the right questions and knowing how to translate the customer’s desires into solid form. Frankly, no group of designers is more gifted in selecting combinations of diamonds and gems than the team at Yanina & Co. Our customers have total faith in our designers’ ability to create one-of-a kind pieces that are true reflections of our customers’ personalities and sense of style.”

Alex Fleysher 


Alex joined the company as a partner after graduating Seton Hall with Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He was no stranger to the jewelry industry as a result to owning a jewelry repair business as a teenager. Alex’s keen eye for jewelry design has created a large following in New Jersey and the tri-state area. He supervises the jewelers and the sales team with his sister, Yanina. Alex is a certified diamond grader by G.I.A. He oversees all the diamond sales and appraisals for Yanina & Co. Alex understands the importance of quality and design when it comes to fine jewelry and instills that mentality in the Yanina & Co. team. “Creating strong relationships with clients is the building block of any business. We have always devoted ourselves to providing unprecedented service to our clients which has grown into great friendships.”

Branden Sheehan


Branden is no stranger to the jewelry industry. Being Yanina’s son, he grew up observing his mother design jewelry and grow her brand all while knowing this was his calling too. Branden graduated from Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies and International Studies. As the Director of Business Development, he brings a unique perspective to the world of jewelry design with a fresh and global outlook. He strives to help Yanina and Co. to stay current with evolving trends and styles within the fashion industry. “Taking on the responsibility of building this business as the next generation gives me great pride and passion for my family’s work”

Gina Miranda


With a profound understanding of the jewelry industry, Gina Miranda is the experienced Manager and Lead Design Consultant of Yanina and Co. Holding over three decades of experience in management, Gina brings a unique blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge to the workplace. She began working for the company in 1987, while attending Kean University, graduating three years later with her Bachelor's in Marketing & Communications. In her role, she provides administrative support and oversees the day-to-day operations of the store, as well as coordinating the sales team. In addition, she conducts appraisals and curates the showroom. In her 30 years working at Yanina & Co., Gina has secured a remarkable clientele and works hand-in-hand alongside Yanina, Alex, and the rest of the team. "I love seeing my clients reactions when I present them with their new pieces of jewelry, I am giving them something new, yet the sentiment of the old is still there".

Shelli Silvestro


Shelli joined Yanina & Co. in 2017 to pursue her passion in diamonds and Jewelry Design. At a young age Shelli always loved watches, diamonds, gems and custom jewelry. Graduating G.I.A in 1986, and becoming a certified diamond grader kick started her 32 year jewelry career. Shelli perfected her skill of design, while raising her family of 4 lovely children. Her love for the industry has never stopped. She is proud to represent Yanina & Co., and has tremendous passion for the business and its growth. "I love to create special pieces that people and their families will cherish for generations, nothing makes me happier than the smile of others".