Yanina & Co. offers full appraisal services, done while you wait, with an appointment!

A professional appraisal helps protect your jewelry through insurance, against lost, theft, or even damage. Alongside the appraisal, we always provide a full cleaning and inspection of your piece.


  • Protects your jewelry against loss, theft, or even damage after being insured.
  • Helps solidify the value of your jewelry.
  • Jewelry does not have to be disassembled.
  • Appraisals are issued by Yanina & Co.
  • Backed by GIA certified diamond grader.

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Appraisals require an in-depth examination of your piece of jewelry, which does take time. To guarantee our availability, please make an appointment to appraise your jewelry piece.

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Jewelry Insurance

Yanina & Co. has partnered with Lavalier, a premier insurance company, to help you better protect your most valued assets. Follow the link below to explore your options, and have a quote generated right on the spot!

Lavalier + Yanina & Co.